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You are looking for a new challenge? Bingo. Because we're always on the lookout for new talents and experienced experts. Just scroll down and see why it's worth joining ORCAYA.

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for home office 
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Subsidy for home office equipment

You receive financial subsidies from us for your home office equipment.

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If you need a company phone, we can discuss that as well."

Annual working time flexibility icon

Annual working time flexibility

You can build up or reduce overtime throughout the year. This is giving you an extra level of flexibility.

Lunchit Digital Meal Voucher icon

Lunchit Digital Meal Voucher

We cover your lunch (or at least part of it) on days you work. No matter where. No matter what. Enjoy your meal!

subsidies for fitness clubs and sports offerings icon

subsidies for fitness clubs and sports offerings

Membership to Urban Sports Club or Wellpass? We cover a significant portion of your physical activity to balance your work at the computer.

Teamevents icon


From unit retreats to summer parties to Christmas celebrations, we organize fun-filled events. Because live & direct is always better than a video call.

Private retirement provision icon

Private retirement provision

We subsidize your private retirement provision in cooperation with Allianz.

Continuing education icon

Continuing education

Individual coaching, Udemy courses, language courses

Mobility icon


Support for public transportation tickets, bicycle leasing, Bahncard (train travel card) and company vehicles.

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We work remotely.

Dive with us into new challenges.

Why it's worth  
joining the ORCAYA team.

Working at ORCAYA means getting to know exciting projects, having an inspiring team by your side and enjoying the benefits of remote work. Regularly new colleagues join us, bringing in fresh perspectives, which we greatly appreciate. Some of us have been on board for a long time, which speaks to the continuity in our company culture. To learn more about how we do things, check out the information here. If you have any other questions, feel free to send them to us via the contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!


We are Remote First Company.

We mean, most of us work remotely. From home, technically. Though 'home' is a flexible concept for us. We say, 'Home is where wifi connects automatically.' So, home can be anywhere, as long as you have a great internet connection and the right time zone.

At ORCAYA you can (if you want to) work in the office too.

If Stuttgart, Hamburg or Pristina are nearby, you can always work in the office and schedule meetings with colleagues. In these cities we have beautiful offices where you are warmly welcome.

We are a family-friendly agency.

We are a diverse bunch, not only in terms of our skills but also our life situations. Some of us have families and we accommodate them accordingly. Our remote culture and flexible working hours provide a lot of flexibility in terms of time and location, which is beneficial for families. Additionally, the majority of our management team also has children and understands the challenges. As long as the work is done satisfactorily, everyone is fine with everything.

At ORCAYA we offer workation ... not something you find everywhere :)

The word 'Workation' combines 'Work' and 'Vacation'. Working where others vacation. Or combining vacation and work. For us it's important that you feel comfortable. Because only then can you perform at your best. We don't care if you work in Malaga with a view of the sea, in the mountains with your feet in the snow or in an exciting city you've always wanted to visit. As long as you have stable internet and do your work with passion, we make it possible.

We support you (including financially) in setting up your home office workspace.

We provide you with a computer and a lump sum to set up your home office workspace. This allows you to set up your workspace in a way that suits you best. You decide what you need. It would be important to prioritize purchasing the essentials first ... like a monitor, desk, chair or whatever you need. You can choose the items yourself. After all, they will be moving in with you.

Apple or Windows?

We provide you with a brand new notebook. Apple or Windows, opinions may differ. So you can simply decide for yourself.

Orca or dolphin?

Actually the orca belongs to the dolphin family. So you don't need to decide. And it's important to know: The orca is not a killer whale as it's often mistakenly portrayed. Orcas are extremely intelligent. They live in pods, protect each other and learn from one another. This enables them to achieve extraordinary feats.