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We know the digital ocean and love riding the waves of success with our clients. For that we analyze, devise strategies, design and code. We understand every current. Every shallow. And if necessary, we're also happy to dive a little deeper. Simply to jump higher in the end.

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We firmly believe that digital DNA plays a crucial role in determining the future viability of companies. In this sense, it is our mission to make you shine on the digital stage.

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CEO & Co-Founder

No talking! Just do it! That's Timo's motto. A passionate entrepreneur. Founder of various digital companies and one of the minds behind DigitalNativeAlliance. When it comes to digital product visions and strategic competence, he knows exactly where to go.


CEO & Co-Founder


Director Account Unit & Co-Founder

Always calm, always balanced, always in a good mood. Always with a solution: for code questions and software architecture. His coordinates in the digital ocean are clearly top-notch. No wave is too high for him. No water too deep. Digital extreme.


Director Account Unit & Co-Founder



Uli is our secret weapon when it comes to Customer Experience and leads strategic customer development. With a charming talent for positive interaction. A good mix of creativity and analytical thinking. And simply the best smile ever.





Operative excellence is his standard in the digital ocean. For client projects. For his team. And for everything he tackles. In this sense, he is clearly focused. Analytically creative. Passionately digital. And above all: brutally likeable.




Director Customer Success

The success of our customers is his focus. With a special sense for digital needs and necessities, he navigates you through smart currents in the digital ocean. With him you get further out and higher up. Just extra smart to your destination.


Director Customer Success

Our values



We work with an agile mindset. Like Orcas, we harness changes to create clear competitive advantages for you.



We don't boil the ocean for a cup of tea. We always strive for the most effective and economically efficient solution for you.



Sometimes we dive deeper to jump higher. That's how we find innovative solutions and always make the best possible outcome.



Sustainability is not just about the ocean for us, but above all about your project and a reliable partnership.

Part of DNA


As an e-commerce agency for medium-sized businesses, NETFORMIC transforms complex requirements for B2C, D2C, B2B and marketplace projects into smart solutions. Radically digital.



If you need support concerning performance marketing & conversion optimization, we recommend KlickPiloten as specialists in online marketing.


DNA stands for DigitalNativeAlliance - Your agency group focused on digitization. Here you'll find a suitable solution for every requirement.

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No matter what digital idea you have in mind. No matter what digital product is in your focus. Vincent is in the know. Or knows who's in the know. That makes him your contact for all matters related to your digital product & business development.

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What sets us apart as a digital agency?

What sets you apart from other digital agencies?

We don't promise anything we can't deliver. We guarantee nothing that seems unrealistic. We always speak our minds when we see things differently. Because we're not yes-men, but always seek the best solution. After the project starts, you'll become a part of our team. That's how we work closely together to ensure the outcome is "best of."

Owner-managed... what are the advantages?

This question can't be answered conclusively. However, in our case, there are plenty of advantages:

  1. Personal commitment is highly valued.
  2. Decisions are made quickly.
  3. This makes us more flexible and agile than average.
  4. Our customer relationships are very close and direct.
  5. Responsibility is not just a phrase.

Are you a full-service agency?

Got it. We're a 360° digital agency. However, there are areas where others are better specialists. For eCommerce projects, for example, we clearly recommend NETFORMIC or eCommercely - depending on the size of your project. For online marketing, our friends at Klickpiloten are the best point of contact. We handle everything else. Just let us know what you need.

Who is my contact person?

Your personal contact will be one of our experienced project managers. He or she is the "central" figure who handles and coordinates all your issues, questions, and tasks. Similarly, the project manager will also assign tasks, questions and issues from the units back to you. So, you'll also receive assignments from time to time. ;)

100% digital DNA ... what does it mean?

All our processes and structures are digital. We utilize comprehensive data analyses and interpretations to make decisions. We align these with our digital experiences and instincts. Yes, even our instincts are somehow digital by now. Many of us belong to the digital natives... even those who, age-wise, shouldn't be anymore. ;)

Do you work with AI?

Technological innovations are an essential part of our company strategy. AI is a current example. Not only in data analysis and software development, but also our designers utilize AI. For instance, our Orca is a AI-generated entity. Special thanks to Midjourney!

Why work with an agency instead of freelancers?

Within the agency, we are a well-coordinated team with diverse skills. You get the right brain for every requirement. This way, we can start projects from scratch and accompany them consistently to scale. We have coordinated workflows. We motivate and inspire each other. We learn from each other.

More than just a digital agency.